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Repair of blood pressure apparatus Sofia

Repair of blood pressure equipment Russian Monument, 4 Totleben Blvd., Sofia Monday and Thursday time from 3 pm - 6 pm tel 888 - Show -

03.06 | 14: 15

Massage in Sofia, gift voucher massage, low prices Sofia

# The # massage # candle massage is designed to # refresh and # revitalize not only your skin, but # your senses. ЕрThe perfect # combination of several # natural # oils, created specifically for a long-lasting and # tonic # massage. ➡️ # The aroma tones, awakens all the # senses and creates a # relaxed # mood. # Aromatherapy with # massage candle is a good choice for everyone. your # environment guarantees all the benefits of # a massage.

07/16 | 14: 41

water wells

100 100

Drilling for water on all terrains. Drilling for water in hard and soft soils The price includes pipes with drilling pipes, laying drainage felt and cleaning up to clear water. We work all over the country. . . . . . ... . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . drilling services Plovdiv drilling for water granary drilling for water price per meter drilling for water asenovgrad drilling for water Pazardzhik drilling barns manual drilling Plovdiv for water village granary drilling for water Plovdiv drilling for water prices sofa drilling for drilling for water burgas water wells old sunbathing for sale water drill water wells water market zagarzhik water drill do it yourself sell water drillings water drillings plum beating water probe price

03.07 | 23: 07

Drilling Water drilling Exploratory drilling Mobile drilling drilling. Water Drilling Montana Vidin B

We carry out drilling for water and exploratory drilling, drilling with mobile equipment in hard-to-reach places throughout the country. Construction of drilling with PVC pipes from fi 120 to fi 200. Blowing out old and new drills with airlif. Great prices !!!

12.07 | 20: 00

OKI Powders OKI - BGN 14

14 14

Anesthetic powders - 30 pieces in a box. At the expense of the buyer. Suitable until 2021 I send with 10% discount on delivery with econt.

12.08 | 14: 22


40 София 40 Sofia

An experienced massage therapist offers you the opportunity to relax from the stress and hectic daily routine, with a wide range of professional massages. I offer several types of Classic Relaxing Tone and Sports Massage. Prices 30min. 40-00 BGN 60 Min 60-00 BGN All massages are at one price. I work independently in a massage parlor The salon has free parking! I do not offer sex !!! Working hours are Monday to Friday from 9-30 to. 17-30 Tel. 0878447503

08/01 | 07: 01

WATER Boreholes

50 с. Мокреш 50 pp. Mokresh

Drilling for water in hard to reach places. We work all over the country with a small mobile probe.

07/07 | 11: 43

Massage for ladies Sofia

Massage for ladies 100% pleasure write on the site you will receive a 1000% real sweet

06/24 | 13: 55

Brandy Bottles for Wedding-Color, Name and Date Optional, Wedding Bottles Shumen

Wedding Bottles by Bottle Decore - Delivery throughout Bulgaria Decorate your wedding tables with brandy / wine bottles for the wedding, inscribed with your names and date of the event ... ... in addition, they can also be a wonderful gift for your guests. Wouldn't you like to have such a bottle at home - a memory of your drunks' wedding? Check out our $ 2.69 / pc models on our Facebook page - or All you have to do is choose a print color that fits your wedding theme and your desired text (such as your names) and date of the event) You get an elegant 750ml white, frosted bottle with a silky sheen and a soft undertone. wedding brandy bottles, wedding brandy bottles, wedding gifts for guests, empty wedding brandy bottles, wedding party gifts, wedding bottles, brandy bottles, wedding brandy bottles, glass bottles for weddings, bottles brandy for the wedding

11.08 | 18: 47

Birthday party decoration Sofia

Children's birthday decoration about 160 pieces

11.08 | 12: 30

Drilling for water Haskovo

Drilling for water from ф 110 to ф200, the price from 60 to 120 levs per meter depends on the diameter, the price includes drilling of the pipes, engraving with felt, blowing of the well, starting the pump, the possibility of connecting the hydrophore system to the existing Water and Plumbing installation

07/30 | 22: 38

Diagnosis of cars Pazardzhik

Auto diagnosis of Delphi or VAG-COM (VCDS) cars - Read and delete error codes. -Test all modules on the car. - Real-time tracking of engine data. -Diagnosis before buying a car. -Check the actual kilometers of cars in the VAG group (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda) after 2000 / if the car system supports it. - "Inclusion" of additional extras for cars in the VAG group (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda), if the car supports it. -Diagnostic devices compatible with all vehicles supporting OBDII standard. I have software and plugs for almost all makes and models of cars. -Price: 40lv. 899 - Show -

07/19 | 18: 27

Auto platform, trailer for rent Gingerbread

I rent a car platform 60 BGN for 24 hours for more negotiation time

22.07 | 09: 15

Wedding accessories, wedding kits! Varna

Hello! We offer luxury, handmade wedding accessories! The price is calculated individually, depending on complexity, materials, quantity, etc. Please write in person for more information and pictures FB: https: // instagram / ivadecor /

06/30 | 08: 48

Wedding accessories- Wedding invitations

045 Велико Търново 045 Veliko Tarnovo

"Color Wedding 2018" Ltd. offers - Wedding accessories - handmade - Wedding invitations (with black print included and pre-printed text of your choice). Each model can be made in the color of your choice. -Wedding buttons for wedding and hand-bracelets, - Wedding lucky throws, - Wedding good luck baskets, - Wedding gifts for guests (the price includes the printing of text with black seal), -Wedding boxes for wishes and cash gifts , -Wedding books for wishes, -Bridal wedding pads, -Bridal bottles, -Calling bottles, -Ritual glasses and cup decoration -Bridal candles Can be ordered in other colors. Production time is one week. (The deadline can be a little longer, depending on the workload of the studio. If you need wedding accessories faster, please contact us!) Delivery is via Econt with cash on delivery To view other models visit My profile is Christina Staykova or my page is Color wedding. Orders are also accepted at weekends (Saturday and Sunday) For orders tel .: 883 - Show -

06/07 | 21: 46

Diagnosis of VAG vehicles Varna

Diagnosis of vehicles from the VAG group. Logs. Backgammon training and more. Prices are negotiable.

03.06 | 04: 11

Cleaning Apartments Ceilings Basements Garages and Old Houses Gabrovo

Tel 877 - Show - Cleaning Apartments Ceilings Basements Garages and Old Houses, Discard Old Furniture and Garbage..with Own Transportation at Good Price, Offer Services Transport City Transportation Terms,

06/29 | 18: 10

Headlight polishing and pasting - Pazardzhik Pazardzhik

Headlight polishing and pasting. We use quality pastes and materials

06/21 | 12: 05

Wedding gifts for guests and wedding invitations Burgas

Here that the "wedding season" has warmed up. And nowadays, weddings are not what they were. We want to think about everything, even with the smallest details. The invitations are from nice, nicer, the wedding decoration is diverse, and about the gifts for the guests, the options you want ... The truth is, however, we want everything to be personal, individual, but also different. Something that will be created for us personally. We look forward to helping you bring your ideas to life We look forward to visiting our Facebook page: With Imagination and Love

18.08 | 19: 25

ECOFLOOR floor heating cables and networks

360 София 360 Sofia

Ecoflora Bulgaria offers high quality heating cables / grids for electric radiant floor heating from the Czech company FENIX. The heating system offers high comfort, ECONOMIC and RELIABLE work, LONG LIFE. The systems come with a 20 year warranty. More information about heaters can be obtained at or at any of the listed phones. 56

06.08 | 19: 22

Super Prices for Chip Tuning, Remap, Fap Removal, Dpf, Plovdiv

High quality chip tuning, OBD and BDM tuning, remap (modification of factory software) for almost all brands of cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks at affordable prices for everyone. The result is increased power, higher torque at low rpm, and reduced fuel consumption. Software removal of FAP and DPF filters, EGR valves and second lambda probe. Eliminate the warm start problem with VAG motors. If you use two or more services, you receive a package price. For more information 898 - Show -.

23.07 | 22: 30

McQueen's birthday party decoration

For a quote with prices, you need to specify When exactly the holiday is. Which accessories on the list are of interest to you and indicative number of invitations * CRD + name of the child * nameplate for the clock * picture frame during the holiday * silhouette balls with hanging characters * table decoration with clock figure * party hats for kids with picture only There may be decorations like snowflakes dots flowers ribbons asterisks on the hat or caps with ears and ears and ribbon * masks * party whistles * napkin rings * muffin sticks ( cupcakes) * stand for m fine * muffin cup * cup * saucers * forks * mineral water labels * popcorn boxes * straw with decoration * guest name plate * medals - gifts for children * book about wishes and decorated chemical to it * candy boxes - gifts for children * decorated lollipops- gifts for children * bucket in which to place lollipops as decoration * door or table plate * cardboard cake * plate for cake

24.07 | 00: 01

Bonding of wallpaper and photo wallpaper Kazanlak Stara Zagora Gabrovo Sliven Haskovo Plovdiv Yambol and others Kazanlak

Professional installation of wallpaper photo wallpaper furniture foil and others. Quality guaranteed with years of experience and perfectionism! It is our pleasure to work for clients who appreciate the flawless work and sophistication of details. The price is specified after viewing or talking with the client. Prices range from 4 to 6.50 BGN per sq.m. depending on the size and complexity of the implementation. We glue wallpapers of any kind and in any way - horizontally vertically to a ceiling separated by a frieze, etc. We give a guarantee for the finished work. We prefer to work with our glue. We have everything you need: stairs table 3m. Roller brushes, etc. you are asked for wallpaper, suitable foundation, light, running water and nothing else :-) We only do this all over Bulgaria - mainly central

07/14 | 07: 12

Auto diagnostics Popovo

Diagnosis of all types of cars car module training suggest immobilizer removal and ecu programming for more information

07/01 | 17: 06

Pest control. Disinsection - cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, ticks Shumen

Sanxi - Disinfection Station is specialized in the field of pest control. We carry out treatments against all kinds of harmful insects, rodents and micro-organisms. We work with private (apartments, condominiums, houses, etc.) as well as with legal entities. We also perform one-step processing on a subscription contract. Our potential clients are all public buildings, facilities where food is prepared, produced, stored, processed and offered, condominiums, businesses, apartments, houses, hostels and many more. We also clean the roof spaces of pigeon manure.

06/29 | 16: 43

Linen curtains

150 София 150 Sofia

A set of two, brand new linen curtains is for sale. Dimensions of one stretch curtain: w. 274cm. / D.250cm. Color - brown. Pre-straightened, with a flannel (lathe), to hang a rail or cornice about 340 cm long. The price is for one set of two curtains. * Sold without hooks.

26.08 | 01: 40


025 Добрич 025 Dobrich

Large variety of high quality Italian foil and latex balloons. Helium swelling. VISTA M Complex, fl.2, 25th September Blvd. 13 (Former Candy)

26.08 | 00: 05

For rent Shop, Stara Zagora, Center

800 Стара Загора 800 Stara Zagora

REFERENCE NUMBER: 121021 NS, ground floor luxury business object with frontage on HRISTO BOTEV Street in the center of the city, under the ALANA park, representing a ground floor with an area of ​​~ 130 sq.m. + offices on fl.1 ~ 70sq.m .-3 work premises.Luxury two bathrooms.The property is suitable for shop, clinic, beauty salon, bank office, showroom, salon, etc. KEY, detailed information and photos only in the office of AUGUSTA PROPERTIES, 0882286030,0898394373, 0898529277.AUGUSTA PROPERTIES offers FREE 100% loan assistance from banks !!! The service is not tied to the purchase of real estate! BA free of charge over 40 new buildings in the city of Stara Zagora !!!

25.08 | 02: 22

Venetian blind roller shutter repair vertical rope change low prices for Stara Zagora Sofia

Repair blinds shutters Venetian vertical rope change low prices without a day off. disassembly wash mount.

25.08 | 02: 22

Tinted windows Sliven

Price negotiable, depending on the quality of the foil and the number of glasses. The placement is done within 3 hours. 3M CS series - 10 years UV guarantee: 100% IR: 100% Unique solar window film - 4 years UV guarantee: 90% IR: 90%

25.08 | 02: 21

Preparation, painting, lining Sevlievo

Hello. We are Retro-Moto Garage and we are dealing with the restoration of retro motorcycles and cars. Complete preparation of the part, such as patching, treatment with different types of rust converters, filler application, gentle preparation of the part for painting and application of paint. We are also engaged in the lineage of retro motorcycles with a horsehair brush. A few of our projects are featured in the photos submitted in the ad. If you are interested, write us a Private Message or give us a call. A good and successful day. Simson, MH Ifa IZh DkV JAVA ABO Balkan.

25.08 | 02: 21

First grade English teacher Varna

I give English lessons for students in grades 1-4.

25.08 | 02: 21

glued to fayans, terracotta and plumbing services

Cheap and fair

25.08 | 00: 47

Construction of energy-saving air-conditioning ventilation systems Sliven

Construction of energy-saving air-conditioning ventilation systems

25.08 | 00: 46


I suggest gluing tile putty insulation with rope or scaffolding paint grinding and cleaning mandatory 40 percent upfront pseudo contractors not to ring the examinations are free

08/24 | 23: 16

Construction of electrical installations and repair of electrical appliances in the homes Varna

Construction and repair of electrical installations of houses and apartments, repair of household appliances in homes.

08/24 | 23: 16

Dental practice for rent / dental office Vratsa

A rental or office is rented for a full day's work in a developed dental studio. Excellent location, patient flow, guaranteed income!

08/24 | 23: 15

Groundwater discovery (for a well or well) Haskovo

Groundwater discovery with baguettes

08/24 | 23: 15


169 Варна 169 Varna

SEE ALL YOU SPY FROM THE SPIER SHOP crystal picture and 90 ° viewing angle. Absolutely discreet, with nothing in doubt, compatible with different interiors, appropriate and applicable in any room. Practically and purposefully positioned by you, through it you can monitor, listen and record everything happening there in real time. In this way, without missing moments, you will always be calm, seeing in your absence and from everywhere: - your children's behavior, what they do and whether they respect their homework; - the attitude of the babysitter and the private teachers to their confidants; - Permanent video-audio monitoring of elderly and sick people at home or hospitalized in health facilities and; - The penetration of outsiders with various intentions / theft, surveillance and intelligence, the placement of spy cameras and eavesdroppers, sabotaging, bringing in and hiding prohibited and compromising items for the purpose of future discrediting and holding you accountable; - abuses of loyalty, company funds, goods and belongings by your partners, staff, employees, financially responsible or outsiders, customers and visitors; - the interior environment of your premises during severe natural disasters and disasters, as well as the timely response to accidental or deliberate fires, leaks and floods from plumbing nets, shafts, open windows and shutters; - What do your pets do whenever you feel lacking or monitoring their disease status; - Do they perform their duties and work qualitatively and strictly, your trusted guards and driver, concierge, housekeepers and cleaners, maintenance technicians, gardeners and more. It can also be used to create a personal video archive of pre-prepared or unexpectedly interesting events during your parties, dinners, birthdays and various holidays. This way, without one's personal video engagement, you won't miss a single, invaluable or unique moment from your coupons. The use of the remote camera is possible through pre-installed free apps on Android, iOS / iPhone, Mac / and the download locations are given in the instructions. From the settings, you can choose the following options: - Over-the-air and available 2.4G wireless Wi-Fi globally over the Internet to watch in real time, or in the absence of it, directly through your smartphone within the range of your own Hot Spot camera / up to 5m . /; - Make permanent videos and photos or when body movement is detected up to 4 m / according to its size /; - Choose to have it on the SD memory card up to 128 GB pre-loaded in the charger or directly on the devices from which you monitor (smartphone, computer); - View the card records remotely through the internet in the charger; - Set a specific time period for recording in a selected time range; - Allow recordings to stop or continue circulating from the beginning after deleting the memory card, thus deleting the previous ones. Technical Specifications: Video Resolution: Full HD 1080P (1920 * 1080), 25FPS Visibility Angle: 90 ° Night View and Record Up to 5m with Minimum Illumination of 1LUX Detects Motion - Up to 4m Real-time video transmission: - Through mobile application: 1920x1080, 1280x720 - Via computer: 1080P 1920x1080 Memory card recording resolution: 1920x1080 in AVI format Wireless Wi-Fi connection: - Supports only 2.4G / IEEE802.11 b / g / n networks. - DOES NOT SUPPORT 5G / IEEE802.11. ac networks. Video compression: H.264 Dual-stream. External memory via Micro SD card - up to 128 GB with class 6 or 10 Extended recording - up to 32 hours on 128 GB and auto-write Available applications for: Android / iOS Input voltage: 110v - 240v Output voltage: USB2.0, 5v- 1A Dimensions: 4.0 X 4.2 X 2.4 cm COMPLETE INCLUDES: 1x Charger with hidden camera 1x User's Guide 1x CD with instructions tags: phone tapping, phone tracking, phone tracking, phone tracking, detective services, spy shop, phone monitoring, spy shop, detective services, deleted photos recovery, wifi camera a, ip camera, deleted files recovery, spyware, spy cameras wireless, hidden surveillance cameras, how to find out if my phone is being bugged, phone localization, chatting on facebook, listening devices, spyware, spyware store, eavesdroppers

08/24 | 21: 40

Hidden camera in a glass

149 Варна 149 Varna

VIEW ALL MY ADVERTISEMENTS FROM SPY SHOP- HIDDEN CAMERAS, DETECTIVE SERVICES AND ELABORATION AND FOLLOWING ON PHONES The crystal picture is guaranteed by a new video chip model that also supports Motion Detection. Extremely easy to use - with only one start and stop button. Through the other two, you can switch on night mode and vibration to confirm functions. Абсолютно дискретена, с нищо небудеща някакво съмнение, подходяща и приложима във всякви ежедневни ситуации. Практично и целево разположена от вас, чрез нея можете да записвате всичко случващо се там. Така без пропуснати моменти и винаги ще бъдете спокойни, виждайки по-късно чрез записите: - Поведението на децата ви, с какво се занимават и спазват ли домашните си ангажименти; - Отношението на детегледачката и частните учители към техните довереници; - Постоянен видео-аудио мониторинг на възрастни и болни хора в домашни условия или хоспитализирани в здравни заведения; - Проникването на външни лица с различни намерения /кражба, оглед и разузнаване, поставяне на шпионски камери и подслушвателни устройства, саботиращи действия, внасяне и скриване на забранени и компрометиращи вещи с цел бъдещо ваше дискредитиране и подвеждане под отговорност; - Злоупотреби с лоялност, фирмени парични средства, стоки и вещи от страна на ваши съдружници, персонали, служители, материално отговорни или външни лица, клиенти и посетители; - Вътрешната обстановка на помещенията ви по време на сериозни природни бедствия и стихии, при случайни или умишлени пожари, течове и наводнения от ВиК мрежи, шахти, отворени прозорци и капандури; - Какво правят домашните ви любимци винаги, когато усетите липсата им или следене на състоянието им при заболявания; - Изпълняват ли си качествено и стриктно своите задължения и работата, доверените ви охрана и шофьор, портиер, домашни прислужници и чистачи, техници по поддръжка, градинари и др. Перфектно може да се използва и за създаване на личен видео архив от предварително подготвени или неочаквано интересни случки по време на ваши партита, пикник, разходки, рождени дни и различни празници. Така без нечии персонални ангажименти за видео заснемане няма да пропуснете нито един уникален, безценен или неповторим момент от купоните ви. Приложима и като уеб камера за видео разговори. ATTENTION! Чашата е нормално използваема и може да се употребява целево като такава за студени и топли напитки, но с температура на съдържанието им до +40°C. Камерата и бутоните НЕ СА водоустойчиви и трябва да се предпазват от пряк контакт с течности! Изключете камерата от бутона ON/OFF преди да я включите в компютър. Технически спецификации: Видео резолюция: FULL HD 1920 x 1080, 30fps кадъра/секунда Сензор: 1/3.6" CMOS с компресия H.264 Видео формат: AVI Ъгъл на видимост: 90° Памет: поддържа Micro SD карта до 32 GB Запис при засечено движение: до 4 м Батерия: 3.7V 1000mA чист кобалт, осигуряваща нормална употреба на камерата до 420 мин. и с включен нощен режим до 300 мин. Входящо напрежение: 5.0V от нормално зарядно у-во за GSM апарат Зарежда се за около 120 мин. PLUG PLAY: разпознава се без драйвер на компютъра / автоматично откриване Размери: 16 X 8 X 3.5 см. Цвят: бял (виж снимките) Тегло: 214 гр. Комплекта включв а: 1 бр. Чаша с капак и сламка 1 бр. USB кабел 1 бр Ръководство за употреба


Заварчик на ваше разположение 200лв на ден

200 Асеновград 200 Asenovgrad